Fall 2013 | Prof. Danny Warshay: The Entrepreneurial Process

NomKit is a delivery service that provides the ingredients and recipes needed to create healthy, home-cooked meals.
NomKit was developed as both a product concept and a business plan, and was pitched to Eric Hjerpe of Kepha Partners. Full Plan (pdf). Food and cooking play prominent roles in our society. When we spoke with young people, virtually all of our contacts expressed a stymied desire to cook more often. Shopping and food preparation, however, can take considerable time--and an inexperienced cook faces additional uncertainty over the quality of the end result.

NomKit addresses the three primary factors that often prevent consumers from cooking: convenience, time, and experience. The ingredients in each kit are shipped raw, however preparatory tasks such as chopping or marinating, have been done beforehand. Our goals are to provide our customers with easy access to fresh, healthy ingredients, and to facilitate their own exploration of cooking culture. Nomkit will enter into a market space of approximately $1 billion, composed of overlapping portions of the organic/health food market, and the prepared foods market. Currently, competitive products in this space (Blue Apron, Plated, Hello Fresh) do not reach out to college students who want to learn to cook while in school, in preparation for their lives beyond the university. These students present an untapped opportunity to attract long-term customers; this will be our entry point.