Sit on the Face of Evil

Winter 2013 | Available from | RISD Furniture Triennial 2014

Darth Vader is the face of evil. We stuck sticks in Darth Vader and sat on him.

This piece is primarily informed by process. In order to evoke a playful spirit in this seat, we utilized a quick, almost haphazard construction.

In the tradition of furniture-making, concrete and wood are commonly paired. Their contrast highlights the unique properties of both materials, and typically creates serious, functional, and enduring furniture. The Darth Vader stool pokes fun at this tradition and gives the design process a more whimsical purpose. Wooden dowels shoved unceremoniously into drying concrete bring these two complementary materials together through the most basic joinery possible. Ultimately the humor is in the action that created this piece as much as the end product.